• Huobi, a crypto exchange, announces its strategic partnership with TradingView to provide data and trading integration services.
• Users will now be able to view real-time cryptocurrency prices on Huobi and trade without having to switch platforms.
• This partnership allows Huobi users to gain access to features such as financial charts, investment papers, live broadcasts and more.

Huobi Announces Strategic Partnership With TradingView

Huobi, a crypto exchange based in Singapore, announced a strategic partnership with TradingView on data and trading integration services. This collaboration provides users with easy access to cryptocurrencies which will optimize and upgrade their user experience. It also enables Huobi to expand into more regions while improving brand awareness globally.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a premier financial chart analysis platform that covers various fields such as stocks, forex, bonds and crypto. It has over 50 million traders and investors globally who are able to make use of its customizable financial charts and tools for comprehensive analyses using its own programming language called ‘Pine Script’. In addition, it is also one of the largest investor social platforms which provides regular updates on finance news along with chart analyses, investment papers, live broadcasts and other related discussions among traders.

Benefits of Integration for Huobi Users

With this integration between Huobi and TradingView comes many benefits for users such as being able to directly view real-time prices of cryptocurrencies on Huobi without having to switch between platforms as well as optimizing their investment strategies with access features such as financial charts, investment papers etc., all within one platform. Moreover this collaboration helps elevate brand exposure by sharing related content associated with Huobi across the platform’s multi-dimensional analysis tools and enriched social modules which will open up new opportunities for the cryptocurrency industry.

A Spokesperson from Both Companies Commenting on The Partnership

A spokesperson from Huobi said: “It is a great honor to partner with TradingView…It enables us [Huobi]to expand into more regions while helping more traders trade crypto safely.” On the other hand ,a spokesperson from TradingView commented: “The addition of [the] well-established exchange [Huobi] brings more potential for future collaboration.”


This strategic partnership between Huobi and TradingView promises many opportunities not only for both companies but also those who use it in terms of providing better user experience when it comes accessing real time cryptocurrency prices or investing optimally due features provided by both firms respectively.

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