• Bad actors are impersonating the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX and targeting its customers in order to scam them.
• The team issued an alert to prevent its community from being a victim of this scam.
• Crypto scams targeting FTX customers have been on the rise since the platform’s collapse in November.

Bad Actors Impersonate FTX To Scam Investors

Bad actors are attracted to the blockchain space due to its anonymous nature; these individuals seek to scam and steal funds from investors. This time, a group of fraudsters targets the already embattled investors of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. To target these potential victims, scammers offer the return of their lost funds.

FTX Issues Alert To Prevent Community From Being Victims

On Friday, the troubled exchange issued an alert to prevent its community from being a victim of this scam. The new attack vector to bait FTX customers impersonates the platform. Bad actors ask for a payment as a fee to allegedly transfer funds or require an account password to trick their victims. While addressing its community in a recent tweet, the FTX team confirmed that neither debaters nor any agents would ask for money, fees, payments or any passwords for accounts related with returning customer assets. Additionally, an inquiry email address was provided in case someone received messages or offers that seemed suspicious.

Increased Crypto Scams TargetingFTX Customers

It is not surprising that since FTX’s collapse in November, which wiped out billions of dollars, scammers got new opportunities by promising users they could return their funds. Additionally days after filing for bankruptcy, there was even a fake video posted on Twitter pretending it was SBF asking users to visit an unsafe website to “double their crypto funds.” It looked legitimate because bad actors used verified accounts on Twitter for this purpose too. Recently Oregon Division of Financial Regulation warned about two “unregulated entities” offering investments related with cryptocurrency with bogus claims regarding returns on investment (ROI).

Bitcoin Price Above $23K In Daily Chart

Currently Bitcoin’s price stands above $23500 USD in daily chart according ICO Coinlist data (which can be seen below).


It is important for everyone involved in cryptocurrency markets and exchanges such as FTX to be aware of possible scams that target vulnerable investors looking for ways they can retrieve some of their lost funds back after disastrous events like what happened with this particular platform last year 2020 when it filed bankruptcy and left many people without money or hope until now where scammers are taking advantage from this situation preying on unsuspecting victims who may fall into believing false promises made by these fraudsters

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